American Pipe Lining - Cured in place pipe lining restoration

1. The American Pipe Lining epoxy formulation is used with Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects" for both domestic cold and hot water pipe lining applications down to 1/2- inch pipe diameters and greater.

2. The ingredients which comprise the epoxy base/hardener components are FDA-approved products which are included in the NSF International list of acceptable items for use in epoxy coating systems.

3. The abrading agent used for pipe cleaning is non-toxic and approved by the EPA and NSF International for both open and closed blasting applications, and accepted by air resources board jurisdictions across the United States.

4. Other recognized agencies and technical standards:

  • America Water Works Association (AWWA) / ANSI/AWWA Standard C210-92

  • Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC) Blast Surface Profile Index

  • U.S. Dept. of Defense (Proposed Mil. Standard DOD-STD-XXX) Epoxy Lining System for Corrosion Protection Aboard Naval Ships

  • US Government SIC Codes:
         1799 - special trades
         3433 - heating equipment
         3731 - ship repair
         3732 - boat repair
         1623 - water, sewer, pipelines
         1629 - dredging and surface cleanup

  • US Navy Standard Work Item (SWI-XXX) - Naval Surface Ships





US Dept. of

US Government

US Navy