American Pipe Lining - Cured in place pipe lining restoration
The Cost-Effective Alternative to Pipe Replacement
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American Pipe Lining, Inc. merged with Nu Flow in 2005 to become the global leader in small diameter pipe system restoration. Together, American Pipe Lining’s epoxy coating solution and Nu Flow’s Pull-in-Place drain lining technology makes Nu Flow an outstanding leader in the pipe lining industry.

The Company's epoxy lining technology restores aging potable, HVAC and gray water piping systems in-place, greatly extending their useful lives at a fraction of traditional pipe replacement costs, making it a very viable alternative to a repipe.

Established in 1987, American Pipe Lining began employing its epoxy lining technology as a sole source contractor to the United States Navy aboard its carrier vessels. The ships' copper-nickel waste transfer and discharge piping systems were subjected daily to extremely corrosive salt water and chemical environments. Piping showed significant deterioration after only a few years of being replaced with new pipe. In shared efforts with the Naval Research Laboratory (VA), American Pipe Lining developed a suitable epoxy system, and has successfully completed pipe restoration on all of the U.S.’s aircraft carriers to date and continues to provide its services on newly constructed carriers and surface fleet support vessels as well.

American Pipe Lining's success with the U.S. Navy brought immediate new attention to land-based clients requiring similar services in their buildings and underground piping installations. Following EPA approval of its coating in 1988, American Pipe Lining began providing in-place pipe restoration services to clients facing aging potable water systems and poor water quality. These and related certifications have allowed Nu Flow to successfully complete work in a variety of low and high-rise housing developments, schools, industries and water utilities.

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